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Introducing Alaska MC, a high energy vocalist and entertainer who's South Florida high frequency has been making large waves in the dance music scene for the last seven years. Alaska MC steps to the stage with a plethora of vocal techniques and frequences, from the most gutteral dirty south low delivery, to an almost pastor-esque drawl. Alaska leaves a distinct mark on any track he touches. With a lifetime of live and studio experience, he delivers a style uniquely his own whilst showing homage to the heart of bass music. Whilst he focuses heavily on dance music, Alaska lends his vocals to an array of styles and makes them his own, from hip-hop to jungle. With catchy upbeat lyricism that focuses often of self impowerment, spreading love, and tearing up the dance floor; this MC is a force to be reckoned with.


Alaska MC is one of the many projects by multi facetted expresionist The Imperial LP, who's start as a DJ in early '87 lead him into an array of progressive hip hop inspired production and lyricism. Under his DJ pseudonym, The Imperial DJ LP, he was the pioneer of the sound today crowned as Hip-step, also known as Jungle-Hop. With the release of his first album 'Enviromentalities' in '97, inspired by the concious Hip-Hop movement and written as a love letter to mother earth and her people. LP went on to record countless other projects and collaborations with globally known artists and producers. Alaska MC is his most recent musical conquest.


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